Mario Maker Twitch Bot

Take Level Requests from Twitch chat. !submit 0000-1111-AAAA-EEEE Requests are only accepted while bot is in an 'Open' status. When bot is 'Closed' it randomly picks levels for you to play, with priority given to subscribers and mods. Submission status & current level are written to respective text files which can be used within OBS. (open.txt/close.txt/nextLevel.txt) If desired, the current queue of levels can be embedded to an html page using {details} and {date} tags and FTP'd to a webserver of your choice.


The world's shittiest timer.


Calculates total time spent playing a game & category. Also calculates reset rate and average time loss per segment, to see where you suck the most. Needs livesplit split file (.lss) as input. Tested to work with LiveSplit 1.7. changelog


IRC racebot, specializing in fit races.